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would you wear these?

★ (192) December 21, 2011
★ (6) 2 years ago
cyber discounts x @plndr + @karmaloop

Cyber Monday at Plndr 
Starts Nov 28, 2011- Ends Nov 30, 2011
20% off Everything
Or Spend $75 get 25% off + Free Shipping
Or Spend $150 get 30% off +Free Shipping + Free Item
Get an extra 1% off when combined with rep code FINSTER
Still need to join PLNDR

Cyber Monday at Karmaloop
Starts Nov 28, 2011 – Lasts 24 Hrs
25% Off Plus FS on All Orders Over $65
25% Off Plus FS Plus $10 Gift Code All Orders Over $100
25% Off Plus FS Plus $20 Gift Code All Orders Over $150
25% Off Plus FS Plus $40 Gift Code All Orders Over $250
30% Off Plus FS Plus $60 Gift Code All Orders Over $350
Get an extra 1% off when combined with rep code FINSTER
{All Gift Codes Expire 10 Days from Purchase}
{$8 off International Shipping}

★ (1) 2 years ago
yes, yes, a trillion times yes!

Chuckie Finster nails.
& attempting Rocko or Reptar on the other hand…
★ (3217) November 19, 2011 / via hellaleah
i’ve told myself i can’t go shopping until exams are finished. it’s tough. three weeks no new clothes. but i haven’t stopped thinking about it. instead of shopping i’m sharing my obsession with the interwebs during a study break.
right now karmaloop brands and urban outfitters are dominating my browser, but this post is all about the plndr. boston’s finest retailer is ready to give its customers — the initiates and the loyal — discounts on the nicest wares.
this weekend ends the bargin bin sale, with prices as low as 50¢, so jump on that and while your at it spend a little money because @selkoe has two specials running. first: spend $50 and get free domestic and $8 international shipping with the promocode “60FREE”, then go ahead and spend $50 more because you’ll get a $25 credit if you do. (in addition, if it is your first purchase, plndr usually throws in a $10 credit.)
then if you type in the name of that little rugrat off to the side (yea, FINSTER) you get an additional 10% off your already marked-down purchase. you gotta love internet shopping.
the brands rotate — as of writing this post, dudes have black apple shirts, elevated engineering windbreakers, rook tees, dope couture crewnecks, mitchell & ness paraphernalia and analog everything  and all manner of sneakers from creative recreation, fila, pf flyers (nods), pro keds and supra.
fellas also have four active collections for the athletic side of fashion: ball, grind, board and surf.
ladies get everything from married to the mob — a plndr favourite — 80%20 shoes, dibi accessories, cheap monday and motel dresses. and it sale season just in time for winter. boot sale (including booties), pullover and  jacket sales plus major hurley discounts.
try the fashion bazaar, 10 dolla holla and top sellers thursday links for no-thinking-required options.
sales end in 15 hours, so get on it. or wait for the next ones. your choice.
oh, but plndr is members only, click the banner to sign-up.
★ (4) 2 years ago

my friend reckons only people with tanned skin can pull off patterned tights and opaques. agree?

i have a penchant for patterned and opaque, coloured tights. even better if those things can be combined. hue hosiery is a typical distraction during shopping trips, and unlike the average nylon-lycra-spandex blends, hue tights are always quite durable. 

my favourite nylonsso it’s not outrageous that i’ve had one pair since february 2009. now understand
my devastation when they snagged on a binder at work today and ran. it wouldn’t be
awful if i could run to myer and replace them, or if i didn’t have a showcase tonight.

i really adore these tights and want another pair. expect me to be scouring the interwebs.